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Words from Clients

(Initials are blinded unless requested otherwise, words are as received):

I recently had a session with Freeman and found his astrological insights helpful and fascinating! He confirmed things I had suspected and provided a lot of new areas to look at as well. You can tell he really wants to help people progress on their spiritual/life path. Thank you Freeman!

--Victoria Melton (✮✮✮✮✮ via Google)


I sat with him during the holiday season and he was very accurate. He helped me understand things about who I am. Fully recommend.

--Tilman Bain (✮✮✮✮✮ via Google)

Definitely getting this laminated as an anniversary gift! You've outdone yourself on this.

—Matt Blankensopp (on a Keepsake Horoscope™)

I love [my natal report] and it's awesomely accurate. Thank you.

—Delisa Hurst

Freeman is very passionate about this field and for that reason, I commissioned him to do mine and my wife's charts. The man knew very little about me beforehand. The subtle details about myself that he knew about me from the chart truly blew my mind! He even knew that I show up most everywhere early! I was leery about doing this because some readers are very negative or don't talk about the negative aspects at all. Freeman explained the negative aspects in a way to where I could better understand them so that I can deal with them more easily in a positive way moving forward. The chart was extremely accurate and has helped me better understand myself! The synastry work he did for my wife and me was very insightful and confirmed a few things for us on how we can better relate to one another. I feel that this enhanced understanding will greatly benefit our relationship! Even the negative aspects were explained in a positive and helpful manner! Thank you Freeman!!

—Matt Blankensopp

The insight into my personality, and how I interact with my environment, was extremely helpful to me, and in the decisions I was having to make at the time.

—Lara Elizabeth Guthrie

[My astrology report] is very impressive. Very thorough.

—S. L. S.

Freeman is skilled, knowledgeable, and thorough. He goes out of his way to make sure you're comfortable with the treatment and well informed. i highly recommend his services.

—P. N. L.

I tried a number of other therapies, and cleaned up my diet, but it wasn't until I started seeing [Freeman] that my chronic inflammation was finally gone. 

—L. N. H.

Freeman Presson is an amazing Reiki Master. He Is proficient, intuitive, and compassionate. I have noticed a great difference in my physical and spiritual well-being Since undergoing Reiki. Freeman Is a professional and helps you feel at ease during your sessions. He follows his guides and listens to me what’s going on with in you for a specifically tailored treatment. I would highly recommend him to anyone in search of Reiki.


He also takes the time to explain to you what he’s worked on and the best action for aftercare.

—V. S. D.


I have been blessed to receive Freeman's healing services for years, and I'm a huge fan. He has helped rid me of many migraines, relieved chronic pain, and helped shift my energy from chaotic to more stabilized. I also very much appreciate his astrological assistance in understanding the influences that can affect how I'm experiencing my world at a given time. I highly recommend Hermetic Healing Works!

—A. E. M.

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