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Brief Astrology Consultation, 1/2 Hour

Good for return visits or exploring a single question

  • 30 min
  • 50 US dollars
  • Richard Arrington Junior Boulevard South

Service Description

Humanity grew up under the stars, experiencing the cycles of day and night, the tidal pull of the Moon, and the goings and coming of the planets directly. We are a part of the dynamic Cosmos, not its head or its center. In the Renaissance, Marsilio Ficino summed it up thus:  "... the Cosmos is itself an animal more unified than any other animal, the most perfect animal..." What does "animal" mean? An ensouled being. Your soul is not separate from the World Soul, the Anima Mundi. Starting in the late 18th Century, though, people adopted a more mechanistic view of the world as the Enlightenment grew into the Industrial Revolution. This was another Fall, in a way more grievous than the last one. We are  beginning to yearn for what we lost in that process. That yearning is eased by viewing one's life against the majestic backdrop of the sky, and so we follow astrology. Casting your personal horoscope requires your date, place, and time of birth. The more accurate the time, the better, as it is your rising degree that makes your chart unique. Many people do not know their exact time of birth; we can work with a Noon chart for your birthday, or we can "rectify" the chart to find a probable birth time. We can also work from the Ascendant of the closest Dark or Full Moon before your birthday. Your report can still be enlightening, as your planetary placements are basically the same for +/- 12 hours. Astrology for you "A true spiritual astrology would be an astrology that assists people in ceasing to be at war with themselves." —Robert Hand (one of the greatest contemporary astrologers) Your full personal analysis includes an extensive written investigation of your birth chart and a report on your current transits, helping you confront aspects of your basic nature as well as upcoming challenges. You will receive a PDF of your report and a 45 minute to one hour consultation via Zoom. Introductory price is just $150 ($100 for the report alone). After the initial report, you can subscribe to a monthly transits report for $20/month, or $200 prepaid for 12 months. This service includes the ability to have questions about your transits answered via email.

Contact Details

  • Books Beans & Candles MS, Richard Arrington Junior Boulevard South, Birmingham, AL, USA

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