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Portals to Healing

There are more gateways to healing than there are bodily senses. My approach to healing uses as many as possible, to take advantage of each person's sensitivities.

What can we use to heal?

Sound: Pythagoras started this! We don't have any of his greatest hits, but I use wonderful ambient music that does the same thing. Steven Halpern and Jonathan Goldman are high on the Healing Works playlist. Goldman even has an album with Reiki baked in to the music. I also have a beautiful singing bowl that I got from a dear friend who is also a healer.

New! I have found another wonderful source of healing sound that I will be exploring. I'll write a review when I know more.

Scent: My treatment room is always filled with an uplifting and healing scent, such as Frankincense or Palo Santo. I don't know that anyone has tried taste, specifically, but it's very close to the sense of smell. I may add other aromas for particular needs later.

Touch (including near-touch, which we could call etheric touch if we wanted to sound all Theosophical): Reiki is my bread and butter, because it works on everyone.

Magic (I dithered over what to call this catch-all category that underlies everything, but if Dean Radin can use it as the title of his best - selling book Real Magic, I can, too): Intention heals when it is focused. There are many ways to do this. Reiki has a system of distant healing, which is one of my staples. I also use a method derived from Hermetic Magic, and my beloved healing pendulums. These are all ways of energizing a temporary thoughtform so that it can make a connection behind time and space and effect healing. All of the "subtle energy" methods link to this, but I don't use that term anymore, for very technical reasons that I'll write about later.

Gemstones: another way of re-tuning the body's etheric field. I use them frequently, and I have a collection of especially powerful stones and wands.

Cosmic Connection: I use your horoscope, if you want to give me your birth data, to help tune your session and your course of treatment. Relaxation, imagination, Reiki, and the other methods all contribute to a feeling of Return and cosmic bliss, whether or not guided by the stars.

Imagination: Intimately related to Magic is our faculty of fantasy and visualization. The literature on this one is vast. I use guided imagery to open the mind to deeper levels of receptivity and inward work.

Relaxation: I seized on Dr. Benson's blockbuster The Relaxation Response while it was still new, and I use it in every possible session. It helps everything else work more deeply. My aim is to create a short form of the ancient art of incubation, where people would go to a sacred site, lie down in the dark, and be healed by a powerful dream vision.

Light and color: chromotherapy and biophotomodulation. I am studying this now, so more on it later.

Each of these healing portals could be the subject of a deeper discussion, and some of them soon will be. You don't need to know that much about them to experience their effects, though. I studied and practiced for years; all YOU have to do is book a session and relax!

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