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I have been having great success with new techniques in Pendulum Alchemy/Pendulum Healing (which I have been studying with Dr. Erich Hunter since 2017), so I have created an option in my shop to order Pendulum Healing Services specifically. If you want more background on this, look at Dr. Hunter's excellent website.

What can I do for you? Many benefits are possible: reduce stress, improve sleep, calm the spirit; relieve pain and other symptoms; boost immune response; clear turbulent emotions; speed up recovery from illness. This web page has examples and citations about Reiki as a complementary therapy in oncology.


Astrology Services and Tarot are now available; see the astrology and Tarot tab!

Astrology consultations are done on a recorded Zoom call. We also do in-person consultations at

Books, Beans, and Candles MS

1620 Richard Arrington Blvd South

Birmingham, AL (205) 453-4636

Our treatments are offered as complementary therapies. See a licensed healthcare provider with any serious condition. We do not diagnose illness or prescribe medicine.

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A native of Little Rock, Arkansas, Freeman has also lived in Massachusetts, gaining a degree from MIT and a career in the computer industry before returning to the South. A long-time student of meditation and esoterica, he studied Zen for about 13 years in two schools, then took up the Hermetic tradition. After 15 years of Reiki practice, Freeman launched his second career, in healing arts (under the name Hermetic Healing Works) in 2016.


Freeman's practice is grounded in compassion, and works by guided attention and intention. A session will generally include Reiki, relaxation, guided imagery, and crystal therapy. If you have your exact birth data, he will cast your horoscope and use it to guide the session and advise you what stones will help you. He is also a pendulum healer (student of Dr. Erich Hunter), a student of Ericksonian hypnotherapy (with Dr. Steve G. Jones),  and Connected Breathwork (with Dave Lee). 


Freeman is a Master Teacher in the Usui/Tibetan line of Reiki, and an associate member of the International Center for Reiki Training ( He has been known to teach Reiki, the Relaxation Response, and meditation.


Reiki and pendulum healing both allow for healing to be sent to any person at any place. Use the shop page to obtain services.

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P.O. Box 610724, Birmingham, AL 35261 USA

freeman AT

205 724-9449

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