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I don't call it Healing WORKS for nothing!

[If you have looked at my website (, you will have seen my standard disclaimer that I cannot claim to be able to cure any particular illness, that you should consult a licensed provider for any serious condition, etc. I have many experiences like the one in this article, but I do not get to choose when they happen.]

Occasionally, I have an experience that strongly validates the Hermetic Healing process. I have seen plenty of good results from my combination of Reiki, Relaxation Response, and other methods, but this time, I got to feel it for myself, as I was the client.

I have a knee that has been gimpy for a while. I strain it, it feels worse; I rest it and give it Reiki, it gets better, and thus the cycle has continued for several months now.

Last night, I was especially relaxed on the way to sleep. I put on my sleep playlist, which includes some of the same tracks I play for client sessions. While settling in to deep relaxation and light trance, I did the opening to Reiki, and directed the flow to pay special heed to the knee. I asked for the healing to continue as long as needed, whether I was asleep or not.

I got up this morning, went about my business as usual, waiting for the usual twinges in my knee: they didn't come. I went outside for sword practice with my son: no twinges. I am sitting still writing this article, where sitting too long has been a pain trigger in the past: nothing yet.

What a blessing this system is, and how blessed am I to be able to share it!

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